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His parents, Pamela and Mike Short were contacted by my parents regarding the situation and were made aware.

They were (as well as him) sent a birth announcement, several letters (sent via certified mail), pics of Alissa and some phone calls on both ends.

They wanted us both to appear in Oklahoma for dna test but he was in California and going under the stage name Christian Kane so that trip would have been costly and pointless. He has never denied that Alissa is his child (not that I have ever heard).

I just never really heard anything and figured they were just ignoring me in the hope I would just loose interest or leave the issue alone What are your intentions?

He did however give me “some” info in regards to his family medical history as well as his ss# before I left Oklahoma.

Eric said that he wasn’t the one to talk to basically. Information that she mentions from Christian’s past (ex. Not only that but this post is functioning like a news article. I drove to norman Ok when she was a baby to show my sorority sisters my precious daughter and to contact Chris (who was working as a waiter) and show Alissa to his parents.I showed up with Alissa and friends to his restaurant he didn’t” appear” to be happy but he did recognize us.Is your main objective to receive back child support for her, to reunite them, or both? Is it true that you are currently in talks with Eric Griffin of Brand X Management (who represents Christian Kane) regarding the legalities of this matter?I emailed Eric and he emailed me back and said that he would forward my info to the “legal authorities”. And yes, I’m a Kane fan and have nothing against him. FYI-I have been asked for information on what is currently going on with this (May 2014).

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