Composiciones fotograficas online dating laura vandervoot and nick zano dating

advertise avisar, anunciar The xt.nre's advertising a sale. advise avisar, informar We were advised of the dangers of the trip. after [adv] detrás The man walked ahead and the woman came after.

° to take advantage of aprovecharse de / wish to take advantage of your offer. ▲ aprovecharse de, engañar Don't let people take advantage of you.

El baile fué el acontecimiento más grande de la temporada. affect afectar, conmover / wasn't a bit affected by the news of his death. ▲ afectar, fingir He affects indifference when you mention her.

aerial [w] antena The aerial on our radio needs fixing. • l a dj] aéreo The town was subjected to an aerial attack. affair negocio, asunto He handled the affairs of the company badly. ▲ acontecimiento, suceso The dance was the biggest affair of the season.

° to be ahead ir a la cabeza, ir delante Who's ahead? ▲ ir adelantado, estar adelantado I'm ahead in my work.

° by air por vía aérea, por avión I'd like to go by air, if possible.

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