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Release Date: August 8th, 2017 Patch Notes: Click Here Details: You've mastered the art of mercilessly shoving your opponent off the scoring platforms in Overtime Rumble, and now it's time to embrace a new challenge.

Overtime Shootout is all about accuracy and finesse and all eyes are on you.

The content is also exclusive to GTA Online and can't be accessed in GTA V story mode.

Below you will find details of the latest GTA Online update and all other content updates released so far.

Welcome to the new business class - now available exclusively from Warstock Cache & Carry.

As far as I know you cannot go to a Los Santos Customs to modify super sports cars, because they are considers "too hot" and the game asks you to buy them off of the ingame websites.

I don't know if you can put them in a garage and make them yours that way. You can still upgrade the Sports cars like the Inferno, Banshee, etc. By LS Customs telling you the car is "too hot" it means that it's a Super Sports care that was stolen.

There's a special moment in the life of every successful arms dealer when you realize that everyone else is out to kill you.

And when the moment comes, you want a vehicle built exclusively to cater to that particular dilemma.

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Teams then switch sides, and whichever one survives the longest while piloting the Bombushka scores the victory.

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