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‘Better still are those divorcees who have worked out ways in which they might have avoided the divorce courts,’ says Knowles.

With just three Baltimore area high school football teams posting Week 13 wins, the number of standout stats dropped off quite a bit, so here’s a look at those that stood out and some other facts about the state tournament — and the Turkey Bowl.

‘It crosses my mind that if a previous marriage failed it might not work out with me, but you have to look at the reasons behind a divorce and learn from them.

Dr Alistair Ross, a chartered psychologist specialising in inter-personal relationships at London’s King’s College, says that some divorcees can be more wary of committing than those who have never married.

What she needed was a divorcee, like Steve, who had lived, loved, lost — and learnt some important lessons about how to treat a woman.‘I didn’t consider these ex-wives and children as baggage but part of Steve’s history, one that he had gained lots of experience from, which has gone towards making him the loving, caring man he is today,’ says Sabine who, a year after that first meeting, now shares a home with Steve in South London.

(Katherine Dunn)Outlook: Wise has won two of its three state championships over the Cougars, including last year’s 42-7 victory.

‘I’m really quite shy and didn’t want to rush into jumping into bed with Mark and he was very patient, waiting over a month before he even kissed me,’ says Kimbalee.

‘He said he wanted to do things properly, which meant a lot.

The Pumas are riding a 41-game winning streak that includes the past two state titles.

While last year’s final wasn’t close, Wise won the 2012 title over Quince Orchard, 12-7.

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