Dating diabetic man

Low libido is commonly caused by low testosterone, a common side-effect experienced by individuals with Type 1 diabetes.

Males: Studies have shown that men with diabetes, especially those who are overweight, have about twice the risk of low testosterone as their peers without the disease.

Treat sex as you would any physical activity: test your blood sugar and have a snack before you start, and be mindful of how your body feels while you are 'exercising'.

If you feel like your blood sugar may be dropping, don't be afraid to take a break, check your blood sugar and have a snack if necessary.

It is your responsibility as a diabetic to protect yourself and give the people around you the tools to help you.

It is essential for someone with Type 1 diabetes to be constantly aware of their blood glucose level, how they are feeling, and what their limits are.

Many people who use insulin pumps will disconnect their pumps before having sex.

Talk to your doctor if you taking medications and notice a decrease in sexual desire.

Sex is an intense physical activity and as any Type 1 diabetic knows, this can cause a fast drop in blood glucose level.

Make sure your partner knows how to care for you in case you experience a severe low blood sugar level and are unable to care for yourself.

Many Type 1 diabetics may feel self conscious about their condition and try to hide it from their partners.

If you do this, however, you may not feel comfortable asking your partner for a break from sex in the case of a low blood sugar and put yourself in a dangerous situation.

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When a person is diagnosed with diabetes, their doctor will typically walk them through the steps of how to deal with this medical issue in the following years; however, sex is rarely addressed, often leaving the patient feeling left in the dark.

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