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Players who appear on at least 60% of the ballots will become members of the Pro Tour Hall of Fame.In the event that no player appears on at least 60% of the weighted ballots, the player receiving the most votes will become a member of the Pro Tour Hall of Fame. But this time around a new student causes even more commotion in Mr. It’s a new school year at Ella Mentry School—and guess what? Note: Hall of Fame members are not permitted to play in Pro Tour Qualifiers (held at Grand Prix), Preliminary and Regional Pro Tour Qualifiers, or Pro Tour Qualifier Preliminaries and Finals.

Championship Monthly and Playoff events, and Qualifier Points.

Invitations: In order to receive Invitations to Pro Tour and World Magic Cup Qualifier events, the member must fulfill all entry requirements for the applicable tournament, including but not limited to, payment of any entry fee, presentation of identification, decklist, and signing consent forms.

*Travel and Hotel Accommodation Limitations: For information regarding travel and hotel accommodations, please review the Premier Event Invitation Policy which is incorporated into these rules by this reference.

Before being awarded any appearance fee, the potential recipient must, among other things, submit to Wizards of the Coast LLC: (i) a signed Consent and Release Agreement, (ii) the appropriate IRS tax form, (iii) provide proof of identification, and (iv) any other documentation designated by Wizards.

A player eligible for an appearance fee must claim his or her appearance fee within one (1) year from the date of the event for which the appearance was awarded, or the appearance fee is forfeited.

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