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JCIDS is a Joint Concepts-centric capabilities identification and requirements development process that enables joint forces to meet short-, mid-, and long-term future military challenges.The JCIDS process assesses existing and proposed capabilities in light of their contribution to future joint concepts and warfighting needs.Therefore, PMs need to ensure their programs are continuously synchronized with the realities and imperatives of the BIG A three decision support systems.

This takes into account other major sources of regulatory direction (for contracts), through which most acquisition is accomplished, and includes the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), Defense FAR Supplement (DFARS), and Service-specific contracting regulations.Figure 1 illustrates the three principal systems that affect acquisition of defense capability.The three systems provide an integrated approach to strategic planning, identification of needs for military capabilities, systems acquisition, and program and budget development.An overview of the interaction and relationships among the three Do D decision support systems is presented in (PPBE), and CH 1-3.2.3 (DAS).The internal environment is the program office, with supporting organizations that function as an Integrated Product Team (IPT) for the duration of the program.

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