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Link is a more recent live version on "The Voice." Location: Pacific Northwest Subject: Hats Remember guys, from the 50's Gene Vincent and the "Blue Caps". When they sang "Bee Bop-a-lula" in Jane Mansfield's movie, "The girl can't help it".

the helper also did a lot of the metal cutting and bending...

Paul Jones has done The Blues Show for years on Radio Two, and no one is more erudite on the subject.

More to the point, the live artists on the show, like Van Morrison, are delighted to be accompanied by Paul Jones on harmonica.

The professor said that his decision not to visit the UK has had little impact in the States because of the story you mention. There's no way he is going to let us get to midterm elections next November without mayhem..... Haso, i always kept my pencils in my tool belt,and often left one on my brake. (For those of you unfamiliar, a brake is a metal brake, mine were always the 10'6" Tapco Pro models.

Incidentally, I have never heard an American academic speak so negatively about an American president in my life. Normally we would be very pleased that the President's background was Scottish. On a lighter note enjoyed stories about hats and weddings. Today they go for 1800 and up, i think the last one i bought was in 1996, for just under a grand. Unless i was working alone, I never had enough pencils.

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