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In fact, we are all a little self-obsessed at times, and this is perfectly normal The stigma around personality disorder means we don’t talk about it, but it’s nothing to be ashamed of and certainly not the person’s fault they have it.

Part of the problem is that people think personality disorder means ‘dangerous ‘psychopath’, which is wrong and only adds to the stigma.

The tragic truth is that these patients often have a history of trauma and this treatment only contributes to it.

Narcissistic personality disorder often generates a lot of interest because people believe they can see it in those around them.

And rather than being shown the understanding they deserve, these patients are often considered annoying and selfish because they’ve ‘done this to themselves’.

There are even stories of patients being stitched without adequate anaesthetic to ‘teach them a lesson’.

)I hope you'll appreciate my sincerity, I do not like lie and do not want to.Can you imagine the reaction if one person in ten was affected by a disease that could destroy their life, yet was missing out on treatment — often because they were seen as ‘attention-seeking’ or time-wasting?That’s what happens to many people with personality disorder. Follow me on Twitter : @adelleadeline If you want to register please use one of the link codes below: /AXl Dg/? Please be polite with me and with others viewers, respect my work!

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