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They were unarmed, except that one of them carried a stick, pointed at the end. On different parts of their bodies were ridges, both straight and curved, raised in the skin: the hair of the head and beard was smeared with red ointment.

They were indifferent to presents; they rejected bread, and the flesh of the sea elephant, but accepted some birds, which they signified their intention to eat.

The naturalist of D'Entrecasteaux's expedition, he saw mankind with the eye of a philosopher.

He was pleased to examine the passions of a race, least of all indebted to art; yet the prevailing notions of Citizen Frenchmen, perhaps, gave him a bias, when estimating an uncivilised people.

He left Europe when the dreams of Rousseau were the toys of the speculative, and before they became the phantoms of the populace.

His observations were, doubtlessly, correct; but his grouping is artistic, and not without illusion.

The children were thought pretty; of the beauty of the women the account was not equally favorable.

Then proceeding towards the woods, they met the tribe—the men and boys in a semicircle, with the women and children behind.

He inferred that they possessed some unusual method of climbing, or that their stature was gigantic.

In the sound, the colonist recognises the vocal cooey of the aborigines, and learns from the steps "to the birds' nests," that they then hunted the opossum, and employed that method of ascent, which, for agility and daring has never been surpassed.

Labillardière offered a piece of biscuit, and held out his hand, which a savage chief accepted, and smiling drew back one foot, and bowed with admirable grace.

He gave to the French a necklace, which he called cantaride, formed of wilk shells, in exchange for articles of dress, a poll-axe, and knives.

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[1777.] The descriptions of Cook are founded on his own observations, and are, on the whole, favorable to the natives.

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