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He did so all while under the encouragement of the rest of the band (minus Murderface of cause who was aware of what Toki was up to).In conjunction with his personality and role in the band, he is the only member who has no prior band experience.He also is shown to panic, screw-up or generally fail to be able to hold responsibilities whenever he is given them.Despite his childlike ways, Toki occasionally expresses a dark side, including sadism (exemplified best in Dethgov where he sports an erection after humiliating an assistant, as well as his glee at the idea of murdering Rachael Ray), arson (burning Mordhaus with a flamethrower in Dethkids), torture (knocking out, punching and tazoring Nathan in Girlfriendklok) and lawlessness (firing a gun at police in Dethrace).Toki is frequently ostracized from the rest of the band, partly due to his not practicing or writing songs, but mostly because Murderface draws him away (Murderface is apparently a persistently bad influence on the impressionable Toki).In fact, he once revealed during a major court case against the rest of Dethklok that he had no idea what songwriting residuals were, and pointing out that they did not deserve them because they did not write songs.He is occasionally shown making and serving snacks for his bandmates, doing laundry, and clearing dishes from the dinner table, though he is prone to mishaps during these tasks. Like Skwisgaar he shares an interest or moderate belief in Atheism, Nihilism and Norse mythology.

He is also the only member of the band depicted as being very physically fit, showing developed muscle structure at times when he is shirtless or partially dressed.

In Snakes N' Barrels II, while at the concert, Toki is practically driven insane by a wild, enthusiastic audience member breathing down his neck, and Toki unleashes his dark side on the overbearing fan, brutally beating the man (possibly to death) in an incident that frightens even his bandmates.

Hailing from Norway, Toki tends to slur his words and has inconsistencies with the letter s similar to Skwisgaar's, though Toki's English is generally better.

He is sometimes shown playing an arrow-stomping game in the manner of Dance Dance Revolution.

Toki appears to take some interest in domestic household chores.

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He plays using a normal black standard Gibson Flying V in the first few seasons.

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