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False readings are retained in the same manner, so that the text is clearly the result of artificial equalization.

The question now arises: How far back can we trace this care in handing down the text to posterity?

With the Western writers this use of term in the most ancient period cannot yet be proved.

To the lawyer Tertullian the Sacred Books are, above all, documents and sources of argument, and he therefore frequently calls them "vetus and novum instrumentum".

Kennicott after comparing more than 600 manuscripts ("Vetus Testamentum Hebraicum cum cariis lectionibus", Oxford, 1776, 1780).

The work of the Massoretes chiefly consisted in the faithful preservation of the transmitted text.

The later interpreters Aquila and Symmachus substituted for diatheke the more common syntheke , which probably agreed more with their literary taste.

The Latin term is "f dus" and oftener testamentum", a word corresponding more exactly to the Greek.

The invention of the signs for vowels and accents -- about the seventh century -- facilitated a faithful preservation of the text.

Incorrect separation and connection of syllables and words was henceforth all but excluded.

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