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Try it: increase or decrease the X, Y, and Z characteristics, Euler/Axis rotation, and scale of the Ni Tri Strips and watch what happens.Remember, there is no Undo in Nif Skope, but the changes don't become permanent until you save the mesh.RH_Iron Sights Nif Skope GECK Depending on how much you want/need to alter the weapon, you may also require a 3D modeling program. Weapons consist of pieces of data, organized in the Block List and Block Details panels.I use Blender, but 3ds Max should also work just as well. If you can't see either of these windows, select them from the View menu.I've got the old versions on my old HDDs, t's easier if someone could send them. Might take a while to check them - received a few mails since my last visit.

So if a reload animation uses a node called ##SMGClip, and in your file you rename the model's node to My Badass Clip W00t, then it isn't going to animate properly in-game.

In fact, until you are proficient at working with and files, you really shouldn't mess with the nodes at all!

Ni Tri Strips, on the other hand, are just waiting to be messed around with.

Strips represent the 'physical' parts of the weapon - where textures are placed to make the thing look like an actual object - and they are what we will be moving around. Usually the main body of a gun will consist of one or more of these Strips.

These parts will not animate independently like a clip or lever would, but we can still move them around. These Strips will animate with the Node, but do not have to be placed directly over the node.

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