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This list takes a look at ten ancient cities that are still functioning today.I have chosen a day shot and a dusk or night shot for each city.

We had to hire a forensic accountant to find out that most of the money had disappeared.

Joseph Donohue, a retired engineer, is enrolled in a Penn Memory Center study. “I decided to enter a clinical drug study because research makes all the difference,” said Donohue, whose brain scan showed elevated levels of amyloids, a precursor to Alzheimer’s.

Paul Tramantozzi, a certified financial planner, spoke about his father’s Lewy body dementia, and how his father asked him to handle the finances after noticing his own mental decline.

The Philadelphia Fed, with the university’s Healthy Brain Research Center and the Penn Memory Center, hosted “Aging, Cognition, and Financial Health: Building a Robust System for Older Americans.” Penn Memory Center’s Jason Karlawish opened by presenting research showing a correlation between decline in cognitive abilities in older adults and poor financial judgment, which may make them more vulnerable to exploitation and fraud.

“This is not a problem that stands in isolation,” said Philly Fed president Patrick Harker, citing this statistic: The number of 60-plus Americans taking on student loans quadrupled between 20, mostly on behalf of children or grandchildren.

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Banks and brokerages are reluctant to share information about potentially suspicious account activity with other institutions, for fear of violating federal and state privacy laws.

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