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This project was a good thing because it was trying to show something positive about migration and integration. Derek: Because the photographer wanted to find a way to show the hopes for our future – the better life that we look towards.

Nick: But there’s a lot of shadow in that photograph, as well.

The school children took pictures of people and places to show what it's like to live in Cardiff.

Some of the kids are featured in an exhibition called Open Cities Faces. Mercy and Joy and their father Derek are originally from Zambia. Nick: Derek, tell me why you came to Cardiff and why you took part in this project. I came to Cardiff because I was offered a job here.

The school was involved with a project called 'Open Cities'.

Egyptian young people immigrate to Europe and other developed countries looking for a good living atmosphere or more advanced educational opportunities.

There are other segments, like the one you ask about, but we don't have them. I remember this lesson : "When one verb is followed by another, the second verb can either be an infinitive or an -ing form" ================== What about this one : Derek : yes, the shadow is deliberate to try to show our past, where we've come from. Best wishes, Peter The Learn English Team Thank you very much Peter. Actually, I've got confusion in learning to infinitive and -ing form. In this area, they kept part of their tribal culture and habits, although they're dressed now and they don't eat human people anymore. There's not a lot mix between the different cultures but it's a peaceful country.

I'm not sure if they're available anywhere at the BBC, but you might want to check there. Is Derek's sentence ( "to try to show") correct gramatically? So, Could you please to tell me what the different meaning is when I change "to try to show" into "to try showing" and "trying to show" in the sentence? I have been at Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since 2007, here, you can find a multicultural society that enriched the community in different ways.

Here at St Mary’s School in Cardiff in Wales, more than 20 languages are spoken.

It’s one of the most multicultural schools in Wales.

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