Tools for validating xml and viewing xslt output

Its visual stylesheet design paradigm lets you develop sophisticated stylesheets quickly and easily, by dragging and dropping design elements and styling them with intelligent entry helpers and wizards.

You can even base your design on an existing form or Word document.

The images and sample code below use the following source XML data to demonstrate XSLT processing: Notice that the XML links to an XSL file in its stylesheet element - this will make client applications automatically use the transforms when rendering the XML data.

When you author and execute your XSL transforms in Liquid Studio you can specify a source input file to test the transforms on.

XSL transformations can also be employed to convert data conforming to one XSD to be valid against a different XSD.

The debugger allows step by step debugging, showing local variables, watch expressions and the call stack as you run through your code.

Simply click on a portion of the output document, and XMLSpy will highlight the source XML and XSLT.

For more indepth testing, the XMLSpy XSLT Debugger lets you move through an XSLT transformation step-by-step to analyze the specific XML data node, the XSLT processing instruction, and the generated output at the same time.

A common use of XSLT is to transform the XML data into a Web page, with the XSLT writing out the XML data items in HTML markup, so that is what the sample code below will demonstrate.

To create a new XSLT file, click the New button and choose "XSLT 1.0" or "XSLT 2.0".

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Then the XSL Speed Optimizer re-runs the execution to determine which optimizations result in an increase in speed, and only saves those that have a positive impact.

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