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In the eyes of the law, you cannot consent to have sex when you are under the influence of alcohol.

Child sexual abuse is any sexual act with a child by a parent, an adult or someone who is older or more powerful than the child.

For more insight into this type of rape, please refer to our section on relationship violence.

Consent to any sexual activity is pivotal to the reduction and prevention of sexual assault and coercion.

Asking for and getting consent shows that you have respect for both yourself and your partner.

Requests for changes should be directed to the Office of the Registrar.

It involves forcing, tricking, bribing, threatening or pressuring a child into sexual acts.

The abuse can be physical, verbal or emotional and includes such acts as sexual touching, exposing the child to pornography, taking pornographic pictures of the child, “peeping” at the child, exposing oneself to a child, and attempting/performing oral, anal, or vaginal penetration.

A maximum of 25 entries can be returned by a single query.

Note: Students at Marshall University may designate their address information as being confidential, and thus will not be listed in the Electronic Phonebook.

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